Asalamualaikum :) Hi Fynaz here. First of all, I rarely update my blog, okay? I'm more to twitter. Just search on my name. I sign up this blog just to shared a part story of my life. If you hate to read what I wrote, just close this tab. I'm friendly. Trust me, I'm not lying. I hate betrayer. Please, immature people are not in my list. I love my parents. I love my sister and brothers. I love my cousins. And hey, I don't need a useless guy in my life. I'm not that desperate hha. Penat kan mata baca kat marquee ni? Haha k dah hbis. Chow

Friday, October 28, 2011

New me

Here's some details about me.. 

Known as Shafinaz Izhar
First breathe, January
Paradise, Bandar Dato' Onn
Johor Bahru
Crazy, happy
Sensitive, latent
Twitter : ShafinazIzhar
Facebook : Shafinaz Izhar